As I remember, I become wistful thinking of how the base of this learning-temple was laid and how since then it has flourished and has gained an admirable position in every condition.Founded in 2016 the school has strived to give quality education to the students hailing from not only the different parts of Bihar but from every corner of our country. Our objective is to educate the young minds and inculcate in them a spirit of service to humanity. Our priorities in education are not only scholastic excellence but also the formation of youth in discipline, hard work, moral and religious values.Stress is given on this aspect in order to produce true and better law abiding citizens for our nation.
It gives us a feeling of achievement when we are informed that our students have competed for the different competitive examinations at the national as well as the international level viz., the medical, engineering, IIT, civil services, management etc.. I congratulate the students as well as the teachers who have worked with dedication to achieve their goal.
It would be appreciated if any shortcomings or mistakes which may have inadvertently crept into this website, be treated as human errors, for which I apologize. We welcome any suggestions which would benefit the institution, students, and management.
I whole heartedly express my gratitude to each and every one of our well wishers for their kind wishes, thoughts and messages as they serve as a stimulant, especially at this juncture when we step into our thirtieth year of service to our state and nation.
With warm regards

Principal Cum  Director cum Chairman
Rupesh Kumar

Sanskar School


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